My results in 2021

Posted on December 31, 2021

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The year 2021 has come to an end. The year in which the coronavirus is still not losing ground, the world is still in Circuit Breaker mode, and work and life are increasingly going remote. It’s time to think about my results for the outgoing year.

New Job

I joined IOHK this spring. The experience was fascinating:

  • The transition to complete remote work
  • The “return” from Software Engineer to Software Engineer In Test
  • Colleagues from different parts of our planet
  • The new and fascinating blockchain industry

I am happy to say that the job allows me to apply knowledge from the university (cryptography and finance) and work experience (testing, development). Additionally, it allows me to delve into interesting technical topics. Plus, it’s just fantastic to work with such skilled professionals from all over the world!


I dived into (and continue to do it) the topics of blockchain, Scala, AWS, release engineering. Finished quite a few courses on Coursera, Udemi, and YouTube.

New experience

I bought myself a microphone and even recorded several tutorials for our product (it was difficult, but I liked it). I hope the micropone will be useful in future podcasts and videos as well.


I read about 40 books in a year (both on IT and fiction and popular science).


I “revived” my blog once again and managed to write as many as 20 articles! (And this is almost the same as I wrote in all the previous four years). A few months later, I faced the problem of writing articles in English (writing texts medium-large in size in another language turned out to be a difficult task for me)

Telegram channel

At the end of November, I started a Telegram channel (in Russian) dedicated to testing and distributed systems. Here I share exciting things that I learn. Notes in the channel help me write better. In addition, the notes then “turn” into full-fledged blog posts. Surprisingly, 260 people had already subscribed to the channel for now! Thank you, dear readers. It’s incredible and motivates me to keep writing.


This year, I practically did not do any public speaking. At the beginning of the year, I talked about contracts again, and at the end of the year - about problems in testing (In Russian).

Professional interest

Finally, I found technical topics that drive and motivate me - distributed systems and their quality. This includes blockchain systems as well.

In the end

Happy new year, friends! Be healthy and I hope this year we will finally overcome the coronavirus.

Stay tuned for more technical testing topics in the blog and channel.