This is who I am

My name is Oleksandr Romanov and I am Software Engineer, Software Engineer In Test based in Dnipro, Ukraine.

DISCLAIMER: The views or opinions expressed in my blog are completely my own.

Main areas of expertise:
Software development: Java, Spring Boot, microservices; Test automation (web/mobile/desktop, monolith/microservices), automation processes, technical education (courses/workshops).

Public speaking at conferences/events:

  • "Ups and downs of contract testing in real life" - SeleniumCamp 2020, Kiev, UA (slides)

  • "Practical Contract Testing with Spring Cloud Contract" - TestCon 2019, Vilnius, LT (slides)

  • "Turning automation education upside-down" - QAFest 2019, Kiev, UA (slides)

  • "Testing challenges at microservices world" - TestFest 2019, Wroclaw, PL (slides)

  • "Hidden complexities in microservices testing" - ITEM 2019, DNIPRO, UA (slides)

  • "Automating microservices: what, where and when" - ITWeekend 2019, Dnipro, UA (slides)

  • "Integration testing for microservices with Spring Boot" - SeleniumCamp 2018, Kiev, UA (slides)

  • "Testing for Java Developers" - ITWeekend 2017 (Dnipro, UA)

  • "The One where Cucumber meets Scala" - ITWeekend 2017 (Lviv, UA)

  • Local meetups for: Wix QA Community Dnipro, QA Community Dnipro, Rambler QA meetup