My Talks

Videos and slides from my conference talks

Public speaking at conferences/events:

  • "Practical Contract Testing with Spring Cloud Contract" - Ministry of Testing Abu Dhabi, Virtual, 2020. Video (EN). Slides.
  • "Ups and downs of contract testing in real life" - Selenium Camp, Kyiv, UA, 2020. Video (RU). Slides.
  • "Practical Contract Testing with Spring Cloud Contract" - TestCon Europe, Vilnius, LT, 2019. Video (EN). Slides.
  • "Turning automation education upside-down" - QA Fest, Kyiv, UA, 2019. Video (RU). Slides.
  • "Testing challenges at microservices world" - Test Fest, Wroclaw, PL, 2019. Video (EN). Slides.
  • "Hidden complexities in microservices testing" - ITEM conference, Dnipro, UA, 2018. Slides.
  • "Automating microservices: what, where and when" - IT Weekend, Dnipro, UA, 2018. Slides.
  • "Integration testing for microservices with Spring Boot" - Selenium Camp, Kyiv, UA, 2018. Video (RU). Slides.
  • "Testing for Java Developers" - IT Weekend, Dnipro, UA, 2017.
  • "The One where Cucumber meets Scala" - IT Weekend, Lviv, UA, 2017.